Catching Excitement

My Twitter feed was spammed midday yesterday with some seriously exciting news. I (currently up in the middle of the night with my youngest) read the news feeling oddly encouraged. This in itself is unusual because I usually stay away from news these days. It is overwhelming biased or negative or some head-shaking combination of both.

But this is news that many people I admire and enjoy and draw knowledge and encouragement from find exciting.

And I find their excitement catching.

How interesting my tendency to be caught up so easily in the eagerness and politics of something that wasn’t even on my radar. My Sweet Husband mentioned it when he came home from work but it was said in passing. I was far more concerned with dinner and diapers and that ice cream I’d been craving all day.

Yet in the silence of my home at 12:34 AM, I catch the bug because the people I’ve chosen to follow on Twitter have such great excitement on this issue.

For me it’s like a wake up call. I have so much yet to learn, and I still spend too much time worrying about me.

Praise God for the little blessings and  leadings in my life and praise Him for showing Himself faithful in the lives of others.

The  Clumsy T-Rex


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