I know I promised a post on love or gratitude and I’m going to make a special post for each one. But tonight, I have a heavy heart. And with that heavy heart I know the best thing to do is write it out.

I’m in the middle of being asked to do something really hard. And I feel like I’ve been asked to do it before and failed the test. God is putting an opportunity in front of me to let go and trust Him. And for one of the first times in this beautiful walk with Jesus, I’m choosing that route instead of putting all my hope, faith, and trust in myself.

Right now, I’m tired but completely at peace. I know that God is at work for my growth and good and His glory.

The crazy part for a control nut like me…I am letting go without knowing the outcome.

Answer me when I call, O God of my righteousness! You have given me relief when I was in distress. Be gracious to me and hear my prayer! –Psalm 4:1


I know that what I’m being asked to do is not meant to be easy. I’m giving up a great love in my life because it’s the right thing to do. For my family and for me and for our ministry and growth. But it’s a loss I must grieve.

I will let myself feel it and hurt over it and mourn! But. I will not despair. He promises and grants relief in distress.

In the midst of this moment, I find my heart full of gratitude. For the love I’ve had and for the hurt that’s coming and for the blessings that grow out of faithfulness to my Lord.

I’d like your prayer, my friend. For sweet strength from Jesus and patience to let Him work out the details.


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