31 Days of Waiting

It’s October. One of my personally favorite months. And, being new to this blogging deal, I’m being introduced to the 31 Days of Writing Challenge. Digging deeper into a single topic for 31 straight days.

When I first read about this challenge, I got excited. Like really excited. And I thought, WOAH, 31 days of writing every day about one topic. WHAT! Immediately, I started brainstorming. Topic? No idea. Plan? No idea. Schedule? Psh. Who am I kidding? But such an opportunity! To connect to other people. To learn more about myself and this dream of mine. Ready, set…find out everything there is to know about this challenge…and how to be the best at it.


That tendency of mine gets me into trouble FAR too often.

Today, I settled down and realized two things of major importance. One: I’m new to this blogging thing. Two: I’m not that disciplined.

Let’s revisit my state of excitement upon hearing about this challenge. Being the perfectionist that I KNOW how to be, I immediately crashed and burned. And to be honest, I’ve kind of stayed in a crash and burn state ever since. Why? Well, mostly because I decided that I NEEDED to go all the way with this blogging thing, bells, whistles, and all. Then I did what any rational person with too much time on their hands does: I googled it.

I regret that.

To be honest, I’ve spent way too much time over the last couple of weeks trying to figure out how to make this blogging deal PERFECT. Instead of just enjoying the writing and the moments that I get to spend my time doing something that I love very much.

My husband (ever the more insightful one of the two of us) reigned me in with gentle words. And despite my unfortunate defensive temper, I heard him loud and clear.


And then boom, the number 2 issue blew up in my face.

I have barely begun to do this, and all of a sudden, I want to be a rockstar blogger extraordinaire. Sigh.

Thus, my 31 Days of Waiting have begun.

In the midst of my overachieving, unhealthy perfectionistic, panicked desire to be GREAT at this already, I forgot one of the most important parts of pursuing a dream: WORK.

And I’d like to invite you all on my journey of doing just that…exploring God’s gift of waiting.

Waiting, waiting, and waiting a bit more,


P.S. As I make my new posts, I will be listing them here. So, if you are just joining me in this journey or if you’d like to see my waiting in action over the next 30 days, just take a peak back here.

Day 2: Waiting Weakness

Day 3: Hope in Waiting

Day 4: Fear in Waiting

Day 5: Rest and Wait

Day 6: Stop Waiting!

Day 7: Loneliness in Waiting

Day 8: Togetherness in Waiting

Day 9: Silence in Waiting

Day 10: We can’t always wait.

Day 11: My Reads-Waiting

Day 12: Rest and Wait 2

Day 13: Chaos in Waiting

Day 14: Calm in Waiting

Day 15: Checking In–31 Days Challenge

Day 16: Waiting Instead of Going Off…

Day 17: The Silence Fills with Voices

Day 18: Pressure and Endurance

Day 19: Victory

Day 20: Waiting, Wanting

Day 21: God’s Yet

Day 22:The Art of Being Genuine

Day 23: It Never Gets Old

Day 24: Thinking about Doing

Day 25: My Reads


5 thoughts on “31 Days of Waiting

  1. I’m excited to read your blog. I’m not sure about the waiting cause I’m sure I can speed things up a bit and help out (by controlling). I’m ever mindful of God’s patience with me.


  2. tiffany,
    are you secretly reading my mind? because if anyone has ever articulated my own blogging (and life) struggles, it is this post. i am the queen of being incapacitated by my own perfectionism. it’s ridiculous and it’s robbing my joy and enjoying the process is something i’m really just not good at. i am so grateful to have stumbled on to your page out of the hundreds on our link up and i’m excited to read your thoughts over the next month!
    blooming branch blog


    1. Chelsea, hi! I’m so glad you found it too! Yes my struggle with perfectionism is an adventure in growth to say the least. I hope you find even more to relate to. Always good to know we don’t walk our path alone!


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