Checking In-31 Days Challenge

I’ve been looking forward to this post in my 31 Days Challenge from before I even started this process. I’ve been eager to see where this October journey would take me. Today, at the halfway mark, I want to share more about what God has been doing in me through this process.

1. I’m going to admit that I believed I would have quit by now. That this whole thing would have gone up like smoke, and I’d just feel the sharp pangs of regret when I thought back on it. Now, 15 days does not a habit make, but it is more consistent writing than I’ve done YET in my life, despite my love for the craft.

2. I’ve been shockingly blessed by the people in my life who have taken the time to have an interest in this blog. Who have read it. Who have told me they read it. Who have responded with kindness when the deepest part of my heart anticipated ridicule.

3. I’ve realized more and more how it is not about me. This blog. My life. My purpose. It is not all about me, though I get the benefits of being grown and blessed by my sharing.

Now, I’m going to take a bit of a turn and share what else is on my heart today.

Sometimes, I get tired. Worn down. Weary of this life and its complications.

Sometimes, I get annoyed. With people. With their ways. With how they express themselves.

Sometimes, I get mad. At myself. At those I love. At God.

But, this process is teaching me something. It is teaching me to learn the value in waiting on God in every moment. In the tired, annoyed, mad. In the energized, loving, glad. In the brokenness and the healing.

I value the moments where I become fully aware that I am not God. I do not have the power to control the world. Or the need to do so.

I can wait on God. Even if I have to wait until He comes for me.

That is what I’ve learned through this process. That waiting is not a temporary state. It is a constant.


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