My Reads-Waiting 2

This past Saturday, my heart was very burdened with some realities that my loved ones and I are now facing, and I chose to blog that out.

So, to make up for the LACK of a “My Reads” post, I’ve decided to go with it today.

These are some of the writings that made an impact on me last week. Monday starts a new week, and this Saturday will bring a new “My Reads”.

1. I’m going to go ahead and confess something. I love Francis Chan. BIG FAN. I enjoy his passionate approach to living this life of godliness. And, I very much appreciate this post over at Desiring God (where you will note I spent a great deal of time last week). He speaks about Marriage on the Edge of Eternity, which I know is a topic he and his wife have been pursuing and revealing recently. God keeps putting a very important reality into my path. Marriage should not be idolized. I think sometimes, as a church, and I myself, idolize this idea of marriage to the point that it actually isolates those who are not married. It places a barrier between them and God that does not exist. This is true for those who are single, those with same-sex desires, and those who are in a committed but not covenanted relationship. Marriage is God’s chosen pathway for revealing a certain aspect of His character. Those who are called to it receive a great blessing. BUT, the Word makes it clear that those called to singleness…to be completely abstinent (not completely without sexual desire)….that those individuals are called for a very important purpose as well. For now, that’s all I’m going to say about the topic. Anticipate more Ramblings on this, however. 🙂

2. Once again, over at Desiring God, I have run across a post from all the way back in the almost-apocalyptic 2012 ((I kid, I kid). It holds true today. Sometimes, probably after I get done with this 31 Days Challenge, I am going to speak more plainly about my own experience in thsi area. Just know that boys/men are not the only ones vulnerable to the plagiarism discussed here.

3. Ah, Ann V. Her way with words always captures me. But her pointing to Christ is what always gets me the most. So, out of all of her goodness this week, I chose this post. The internet, the news, the culture….ARE NOT THE BOSS OF ME. Thank you very much!

4. Beautiful words about what it means to be a man and how Jesus approached women. To be read here.

5. A series being introduced at Art of Manliness. An important series. Again, I’d like to note that this is not a MALE-only issue. While it is a male-dominated issue, it is not without it’s female numbers. He blogs honestly, and I always appreciate that time of candor.

Let me know what you think. Comment, contact, or both!



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