The Silence Fills With Voices


I have a friend who is very dear to me. Close to my heart. She is frequently subjected to a variety of voices trying to give her good advice, help her solve a problem, or bring her comfort. Too often, I feel like I’m just another one of those voices filling up her silence.

Earlier in this series on 31 Days of Waiting, I made a point to do a post on the Silence in Waiting.

God’s silence has a power all its own. It pushes us gently into a position where we must wait on Him. Where we must have faith.

But sometimes, that silence starts filling up with all of these voices. Family, friends, bloggers, tweets, Facebook shares, our pastor…and many of these voices have a great deal to offer.

I can’t help that feel though that sometimes the voices are the distraction. The Enemy is great at distraction. I suffer mightily because of my constant giving in to this ploy by him and my flesh. After all, he thought so highly of his own light that he believed it was better than that of his creator.


Filling up when we need to be empty.

Words, words, and more words, when we need instead the deep breath of silent waiting.

Today, I’m going to leave it at that.


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