It Never Gets Old

A handful of times in my life, I have experienced the phenomenon of instantaneous kinship.

This is a moment in which I meet a person that I have been destined to meet FOREVER, and we just get each other. Totally and completely. No artifice. No hiding. Just out there, no fear, you are TOTALLY my friend. Those phenoms are still in my life today. And I’ve even added a few new ones recently.

Sometimes, they take me by surprise. Sometimes, I know it from our first moment together. Sometimes, I have to work at it a bit to let them know I’m not a total crazy (psh).

Want to know one person with whom I did not click with when we met for the first time?

My husband.

In fact, the first time he and I met face to face, I’d already written him off as an irresponsible, immature fellow due to his seatmates in my first set of college classes. That’s right…I turned my nose up at him because I didn’t like his friends. They were too loud…too brash…too disruptive in my quiet little world of academia. And, thereby, the first words out of my mouth were not exactly edifying. (I may or may not have referenced a foot injury he had sustained as “Oh, so you’re the guy whose foot is rotting off”. If you’re curious, no, this did not solidify our soul-mate status.)

I never dreamed I’d meet the man I’d commit my life to in my first semester of college. Especially in that fashion. (No epic entrances, sweet soundtracks, or Emmy-winning actors in sight). I never dreamed I’d get married at 19. (Plan: Get married at 26, children at least 2 years later, full on bachelor/master’s degrees intact, career building). I never hoped, in my wildest imagination, that I would get to witness firsthand the reconciliation of a man to God.

Front row seat. VIP access. To the great work of God.

Now, I have my own tale. But I have a different privilege and perspective on God’s work in my husband. I have the rare blessing of having to WAIT to see results.

Now, let I be real…sometimes, I want him to be the perfect representation of Christ to His bride, and I want him to be that perfect RIGHT NOW.

No waiting, m’Lord, I’ll take him perfect, no moments of weakness or tripping up or flawed reactions, please and thank you.

Then, on a day like today, while I watch him read me his updated testimony in preparation of sharing it tonight at Celebrate Recovery, I am blown away anew with how good God is and how much work He has done and how worth the wait my husband is proving to be. It never gets old.

My God is working, and it is worth it to wait on seeing the results.

If you are in a place in your life where it does not seem like God’s work is evident. Like He has stepped down from the throne and let chaos and pain run loose all over you, I’d like to encourage you. Please see my posts on part of my marriage’s restoration and on some of my personal victories.

And I am sure of this, that he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ. — Philippians 1:6 ESV

His promises are not in vain. They are real, tangible, faith-worthy promises. They are here and now and will come around promises.

He does not fail. He does not lie. He does not grow tired, weary, or old while we wait for Him to work mightily in our lives.

He is already doing it. And it never gets old.


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