Thinking about Doing

I think a lot.

(I’m betting you do to. After all, God made our brains the control center of everything in our body. So technically, even if you don’t drown in your firing synapses quite like I do, you still think a lot. *Note: I know very little about the brain. Please no science-y comebacks. Unless you are just compelled to do so…which is something I totally understand and am completely willing to embrace.*)


What I’m learning about my oft-thinking self is that I spend a bit too much time thinking and not nearly enough time doing. I wait to put my thoughts into action, which does not always serve me well.

Take yesterday, for example. I spent a solid hour-plus explaining a thoroughly-detailed choice I made to my husband. And then, I spent another long period of time explaining how I came to be that way. And then…you get the picture.

I talked a WHOLE lot about something that I want to start doing, but I didn’t stop to actually…you know…do it.

And that dear husband of mine tried to make it simple for me. “Just do it,” he says. Yea, but…you don’t get it…I’ve thought about every possible way to do this, and I just can’t seem to do it.

Thinking back on that, it wasn’t one of my better moments.

A flaw that I am learning to deal with in myself is a dramatic tendency to over-complicate even the simplest of tasks. It’s like I feel compelled to make everything an insurmountable challenge, even if its something as small as putting together a weekly house-cleaning plan in order to get better at keeping up our home. I’ve pinned about it, thought about it, talked about it, had a few good days here and there, and yet, I still seem to be waiting for that ah-ha mental moment that will lead to real action.

What?!?! I see you agree with me. Insanity at its finest.

I don’t want to wait anymore. While my brain may buzz a mile a minute with a whole lot of interesting information, I do not have to wait to put my body into action.

So, I’m reaching out today to let y’all know that I need some encouragement. Some prayer. Some “Tiffany, you’re making this too-complicated” partners.

Is there anything you think about a lot without actually doing?


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