Today’s Reality

Ah. I wasn’t sure I would make it here today.

I’ve been in a bit of a mood for the last little while because, on the real, I had no idea what I wanted to write about today. No idea. This 31 days of coming up with something isn’t as easy as it sounded 27 days ago. But, here I am.

I have a bit of a tendency at times to become morose. Discontent. Unsatisfied with the realities of this world. I start looking around me and thinking, “What an absolute mess. A complete tragedy.”

Those are some of the moments where God reveals His heart to me the most. And in my finite mind and body, I cannot contain the sorrow that comes from that knowledge.

From the reminder that living fully dependent and faithful to Christ is living completely at odds with the whims and fancies of this world. It means forsaking the love and acceptance of my human companions and instead burying my security in the bedrock of Christ’s promises. In my identity as His child. In what He has assured me and every believer He has done, is doing, and will do.

One of those promises is that He will CHANGE me. He will. He will not leave me the same broken vessel that He found me. He will work those Potter hands around me and my soul, and He will shape and mold me into a new creation.

He will do the same for this world. He will not leave it like this. Torn. Broken. Fragile. RAGGED. No, He will mold it and make it new. He promises.

I cling to that promise. I want to be made new.

I want to run this race with complete abandon.

And I can.

Because despite my tendency to get sucked in to all the BAD NEWS and TRAGIC SITUATIONS and PANIC! PANIC! PANIC! of this world, God still reigns. He is still in charge.

He is working ALL things for His glory and the good for all those who believe.

This promise is not one that I have to wait on, I’m realizing. This is not some futuristic, ONE DAY GOD WILL __________, promises. No, this is my reality.

He is at work in me. For my good. For His glory.

Right now. In this moment. In the midst of all my circumstances and really, THROUGH, all my circumstances.

I don’t  have to wait on Him to do this for me. It is not a “someday” kind of action on God’s part.

It is my reality. Lord, help me to embrace Your CONSTANT presence in my life. Through ALL things.


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