Knowing the End

I’m a bit of an odd person (like you didn’t know). I have this habit of reading the last page of a book when I’ve only made it part of the way through, usually about 1/3 or 1/4. Once I’ve gotten invested in the characters, I usually have a sudden desperate desire to check in on how things turn out for them when it’s over. I NEED to know. So, I just look.

This is a truth that sealed the deal on a budding friendship and horrified another of my closest friends. But, I’m just being real. I like to know the end. It takes away some of my anxiety about how things are going to turn out for my fictional friends.

One of the most beautiful parts of being a follower of Jesus Christ is that I live in an age when He has revealed the whole plot, beginning to end. And while I will not presume to understand the intricate details of the end, I do know that He wins. Game over. The world as we understand it will burn. All will be kindling. And He will be here, making it all new and perfect and eternal.

I like knowing that end. Sometimes, it is the one hope that can break through my fears and my doubts and my momentary pain. When I start to put my faith in what I can see, hear, taste, touch, and smell, then I start to put my faith in the temporal. I start to trust that I will be fulfilled by those senses. Then, I get bogged down in believing that I am the one in control. Then comes the moment where I start to realize that I CANNOT control everything. Which leads me to feeling panicked and depressed and like I’m carrying the weight of a planet on my shoulders. The light will break through, and I will abruptly remember that I am a poor god. A poor, pitiful, breakable god.

Yet, God wrote a beautiful story. Beginning to end. A story no human can ever write or ever fully understand because it is not about any one of us individually. And then again, it is about each of us individually. Collectively. Every person will reckon with the truth of Jesus Christ. Either in this life, at its end, or in the Judgement. All stories have an end. And EVERY story, as it relates to this earth, ends face-to-face with the Creator of life.

It’s moments like this that I am glad to know the end. The world’s end and my end. I’m confident in those moments because I feel the weightlessness of how short this life is and the heaviness of eternity. It spurs me to want to change and live this life to the fullest because it will matter in my eternity. This is the beginning, and I know the end.

This 31 Days Challenge has been life-changing. Truly. If you’d like to know exactly what I think about this experience, I’m going to tell you.

Tomorrow. 🙂


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