If only things would make sense for a change.

I’m not into making commentary. At least not on hot button topics. And not because I don’t have an opinion. But because my opinion is too often formed rashly and without much thought.

I’m often reactive. Not right. And I’m learning to take words seriously, not lightly.

So, you will not find in this post some deep reflections on a particular world event happening now. And you won’t find some polarized opinion piece on how I think the world should be.

Instead, I’m going to reflect for a moment on a part of the Serenity Prayer that always reminds me of a truth too easy to forget.

Taking, as Jesus did, this sinful world as it is, not as I would have it.

Now, I’m not advocating for inaction. Especially not when it comes to the regular disregard for imago dei. I am, however, consistently glad for the reminder: we all need the Gospel.

I too often get swept up. In the bad. In the horrifying. In the disgusting. In the overwhelming wrongness of so much of this world. And I start to put too much faith in what my eyes see and my ears hear and my heart feels.

I start looking to the world for sense instead of looking to the Word for truth.

The past few weeks have been a reminder to me.

That what I need most is the truth revealed in Christ.

That what the world needs most is the truth revealed in Christ.

On that final day, we will all know it to be true. It will be the one inescapable reality that we will all face.

I pray to live in this moment surrendered to Jesus as Lord and not enslaved to the whims of this world.


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