Little Moments I Didn’t Know I Needed

I’m an expert talker. Like for real. I probably could have benefited from a career in professional chatter.

But, I’m not always good with my words. I mean, I’m good at using a lot of words. I’m good at using big words. I’m just not good at always using my words for good. After all, with great power comes great responsibility.

Words are powerful. I’ve learned that in both good and bad moments.

But God doesn’t always reach me with words. Sometimes, it’s in little moments I didn’t know I needed.

For example, my oldest did something shockingly unexpected last night. At 20 months old, during bedtime routine, she walked over next to her bed, clasped her little hands, and said “Jesus” mumble mumble, “Sissy” and then nodded. It took me a moment to realize I’d just seen her pray. It didn’t look just like my praying. Her words weren’t clear and precise. But with no hesitation my child went to Jesus and prayed for her sister.

It took my breath away.

Those halting, stumbling, somewhat inconsistent attempts to pray with her every night have translated into the budding evidence of God at work in her and in me.

She showed me what she had learned from her Daddy and me. Those little hands put together and that little voice speaking the Lord’s name. Powerful.

He told us it would be this way. That He would use the weak to teach the strong. That the faith of a child is needed to trust in the Father.

I don’t think I understood what that looked like until that moment. When my baby followed our example. But she did it without ceremony or tons of words or great piety. She just mentioned her baby sister to Jesus. Smiled at us. And then stood next to us as we prayed. And in her actions, she taught me.

It was a moment I didn’t know I needed. A moment to check my heart and my flawed wisdom. A moment to knock myself off my pedestal and get on my knees grateful.

Thank you Jesus for the moments I didn’t know I needed.

With Love, Tiffany


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