I took a step back from social media this week, and it has been refreshing. Deleted Facebook and Twitter from my phone and eliminated the urge to manically check it four-billion times a day (I’m into exaggeration…). Glad I made the choice to scale back again.

As a result, I’ve done more reading this week. Absorbed a few stories I’ve played around with wanting to read for a while. One of these books hollowed me out in that way that only the best books do.

Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher got under my skin in a way that a book hasn’t in a long, long time.

Warning: The subject matter is intense, but I found that everything Jay used was reasonable, likely, and fit right along with the “teenage experience.” The truths that he touches on are unabashedly graphic at times without being total overkill, and I very much appreciate that he wrote this book.

First of all, it brought to mind so many of my own painful and difficult experiences and the deep well of hurt and emotion that can result from words and actions, big and small. Second, the Lord used it to remind me of just how important it is to reach out to other people and to show His love through my words and actions.

One truth just kept jumping out at me over and over again as I read the book. People are hard to know. I don’t mean that in some deep, philosophical way. I mean it just like I wrote it. People are HARD to know. Every individual, I think. Some people live more outwardly than inwardly, but I still believe that it a difficult thing to truly KNOW someone.

No person can be reduced to a single moment or experience. No one. We are irreducible.

Now, maybe I’m going a bit glassy-eyed poetic. I do that sometimes. But I really feel this deep inside.

I cannot be summed up in a page or a moment. I cannot be known by only one human being. The fact that it took two people to make me ALONE shows that my life cannot be reduced to a single relationship.

We cannot be put into a box, labeled, and suddenly, UNDERSTOOD. By other people or our selves.

I think what I’m trying to get at here is that human beings are complex. God made us so multi-faceted and deep and irreducible.

Because He is so complex, multi-faceted, deep, and irreducible. And He made us in His image.

I, for one, am growing to appreciate swimming towards the deep end of this relationship with God. Trying to resist the urge to toddle around in the shallow end hoping to be able to fit the Almighty God of EVERYTHING into my kiddie pool when He couldn’t even be contained in the ocean.

Yeah. Exactly.

I’m beginning to accept that I cannot fit myself into a box of any making either. God gave me His Son. He reduced Himself so that He could be known and understood and accepted in a person to person kind of way. He made it so that there could be a God-to-person Way. He lived an irreducibly human life so that I could know an irreducibly great God.

Christmas…tis the season!


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