The Stirring of Affection

As we tell time, the year is drawing to a close. I’m always more aware of a feeling in me at this time of closure and a fresh start. As if between one day and the next, I’ll abruptly be able to change everything that I’d like to change. And I (even though it’s hard for me to admit) play the resolution game.

This year though, I have no desire to play games. I’m worn out by my own flirtation with the dark.
With my toe dabbling, never quite stepping all the way into the water ways.

I repent of my weak affection for Christ. For my “eh” heard it before logic. Of my lackadaisical approach to this side of eternity.

I repent.

It’s not a resolution. It’s a mind, body, heart turn. A shifting all the way around from my self-reliance/centered ness/absorption. And a desperate clinging to the Lord and His promises and perfection.

I pray for resolve to follow the guidance of the Spirit. To open my heart fully to the wooing of Jesus.

I pray for my affections to be stirred daily, hour lunch….no, every single second of the new year by the heart-stopping beauty of my Jesus.

Oh, who He is!


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