What God Hears

Recently, I had a long conversation with a friend. We discussed many things…spanning years and states and the birth of children and the making and breaking and remaking of marriages. I talked too much (even if she said I didn’t). She shared deeply (even though she was scared). And I got a beautiful reminder.

God is always listening.

This friend of mine, she had something she needed, and I don’t know if she even fully knew what it was, but God knew. And then I, I had something that I needed, and I know I didn’t know what it was.

There, in the midst of a call stitching together years of separation, my God answered a prayer that I hadn’t asked out loud. A prayer that was just taking up space in my heart. A desire and a want that I couldn’t name, but God heard it.

I’m not sure if my friend realizes what it meant to me to get that chance. That chance to hear her heart and to share mine. That brief period of time where I could evaluate so much of what God has done in me and for me and through me and then revel in AWE at how much He loves to surprise me.

It is incredible, isn’t it? What God hears? Sometimes, I try to imagine it. And I know within seconds that my imagination has some pretty short limits.

Because, I can tell that God hears my out loud prayers, and my whispered prayers, and my desperate please, and my hurts, and my happiness, and my wants, and my needs, and my why’s, and my why not’s, and my hopes, and my fears, and my minutes, and my years, and the groaning of the very depths of my soul. And He doesn’t just do this for me, He does this for all of us that are His children.

He hears us. He answers us.

My heart sings with exaltation as I type this out. As I think back to that brief moment between me and my friend in which her prayer was answered and my prayer was answered and God knew. His plan of action had been in place long before she or I picked up the phone. Long before either of us knew that day would come. Long before she started struggling and I started healing. Long before I knew what it meant to be in need and long before she knew what it meant to ask for help.

God responded to the groaning of our hearts, and He did it in a way that glorified His name and brought good to His children.

What an amazing God I serve!


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