When everyone talks about it….

I read another blog post today about 50 Shades of Gray. I’ve read a lot of them but for the first time someone explicitly shared aspects of the story. Which I’ve avoided in its entirety for the life of its popularity.

Now, unwittingly, I know far more about it that I’ve ever wanted to know.

And I’m even more disturbed by the trend towards this kind of sexuality around me. I’m disturbed because I know on a far too personal level of the hell that comes from objectifying the body into an object for pleasure.

I’d like to say this to anyone who reads this:

Pornography disguised as romance will destroy you.

I think what I’ve been most disturbed about during this 50 Shades moment has been the casual disregard of married folks towards this demoralizing and sickening glamorization of romance. This is because I’ve personally felt the slow eradication of intimacy due to the introduction of pornography and romance idolatry in my own marriage.

It scares me most because I know it so well.

The lie we tell ourselves about the privacy “behind closed doors.”

The lie we believe that the momentary thrill of sexual sidestepping is worth the loss of our pure pleasure in each other.

The lie we accept that our bodies need more. Always need more.

We create a monster that can never be satisfied when we believe the lies of the pornography and romance idols.

I’m warning you. The monster CANNOT be satisfied. It will not stop with watching 50 Shades. The beast that we create when we buy into the lies of extreme sex will kill us.

Apart from the intervening love and life of Jesus Christ.

I need this reminder even more than I need the warnings. I need to be told over and over again that Jesus wants what is best for me. That He knows the destructive nature of sexual perversion. That He sees the damage that isn’t visible on the surface. That when He is in control the pain is not for pleasure. It is for growth.

It is to stretch us and mold us and shape us into something more than a plaything of the devil.

It is to make us stronger not weaker. Freer not needier. Secure not unstable.

So. If you haven’t heard the news, I’ll be sure to end with it.

Jesus Christ saves you. Nothing else. NOTHING else.


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