It’s been a while, yeah? For me, it feels like ages since I took a moment to write a bit. It is cathartic though to be typing out a few words and thinking back on the last few months.

Our family abruptly experienced a great deal of change. It started with a move and a job and a new baby on the way. Which has all been a mixture of challenging and exciting at the same time.

It has also meant some distance from all of the support systems we had set in place. Our recovery groups and the church we had grown comfortable in are not our weekly hotspots right now.

I’m finding that maybe this is exactly what needed to happen. Last time I got pushed out of my comfortable spot of religious devotion, we traveled through the seven years of hardcore rebellion. This time I’m finding that God keeps reaching me in the most random of ways. He keeps bumping me and giving me His word and His promises in the moments of my fears and struggles and failings.

Thank all of you who read my words and fight the same way I do for this gift Jesus gave to me to be true and real and genuine and not covenient or easy or predictable.

What a powerful, mighty, and sweet God we serve.


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