Many times in my blogs, I reference recovery or when God changed me a few years ago. This reference is to a program called Celebrate Recovery.

If you’ve never heard of Celebrate Recovery, I’d urge you to check it out here.

My husband and I started attending this program in July 2012. We started going there because my husband struggled with chemical addiction. I quickly discovered my own need for this program.

For those of you more familiar with Christianity, this program is essentially a step-by-step guide to understanding the big elements of sanctification. It walks us through a program that teaches us much more about ourselves and God.

When we started the program, we were desperate. We were losing everything, including each other, and we needed help. If you, or anyone you know, might be looking for answers or for relief from a hurt, habit, or hang-up, I’d urge you to check out the website and find a meeting close to you! My life changed, really changed, because God led my husband and me to this program.

I pray that God would lead you where you need to go to experience the grace and mercy and love of Jesus Christ!


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